Tafeal Alholoul Company is dedicated to utilizing its managerial and technical expertise to enable its clients to conduct their business processes with the utmost ease and efficiency.

Organizations that utilize technology in an efficient manner can serve their customers in a professional and smart way. Tafeal offers advanced digital products that are designed to serve organizations to achieve their goals according to their size and field and needs.


We love to see our clients succeed; therefore, we employ our energy and knowledge to make their goals happen.


  • We respect our clients’ privacy and guard their private information. We provide our services and outline our capabilities truthfully. We keep our promises.
  • We understand the diversity of our clients and the variance in their needs and objectives. Our efforts and capabilities are dedicated to their service. We work tirelessly to earn their satisfaction.
  • We do not approve of half-measures; we make a point of providing high-quality and meaningful solutions that serve the interests of our clients.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
7164 Abi Bakr Al-Siddiq - Al-Mursalat District
Riyadh 12462 - 4488
Phone: 920010530